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Even before I decided that I wanted to become a physician, I knew that I wanted to serve others overseas. During my undergraduate years I did not have the time or the financial means to fulfill my dream, passion, and calling (and honestly I still don’t). Regardless of that, this spring I realized that I could not ignore the call any longer and decided to take the plunge and commit to serving overseas.

I have been accepted to serve this August (2016) in Leon, Nicaragua at a clinic called  Clinica Carlitos, ‌ which is managed by two lovely doctors who are missionaries with  Christ for the City International (CFCI) ‌. The clinic in Leon serves mostly a rural population that has a great need for medical care. The clinic partners with a local church 11018891_1632199527041906_7202817092441440479_nwith the hope that patients will receive a lot more than just greatly needed medical care.

My role in the clinic will be one of student doctor (seeing patients and helping provide medical care), missionary for Christ (sharing His word and love), and student (learning the language, culture, and more).I will be documenting my trip, adventures, and how God is helping me serve on my blog!

Thank you for your support!


Update – Travel Dates Set!

I have my travel dates set! So far I have been working on my Spanish while trying to study for finals and my first basic science board exam for medical school and I am proud to say that I am 3% fluent! Needless to say I have a ways to go…


At my old high school this weekend… where the dream began

Update – White Coat Ceremony!

Last Friday I officially got my white coat! We had the white coat ceremony at my medical school, which signifies the passing from more basic sciences courses to clinical sciences and most importantly marks me becoming a secondary intern in the clinic this upcoming fall! Thanks again for all of your support! 🙂

Update – Board Exam Studying!

Sorry for being late on an update! I finished up my final exams, led music for VBS (vacation Bible school) at my local church, and I have been studying for my medical board exam on Aug. 2nd! So needless to say I have been a bit busy!

Thank you to every one who has already shared and donated to my mission trip. I greatly appreciate the support. I am happy to share that I am now 5% fluent en espanol with the goal to reach 25% before flying out to Nicaragua.

I also have secured my insurance and heard about my home stay. I feel so blessed to have such great support from my Christ for the City International team to help set up this medical mission for me.

Update – Vaccinations and Last Chance Vacation!

So today was my first day of a weeks worth of oral Typhoid vaccinations, which marks the first of the last medical things I have to personally accomplish before my travels, which are just about 2 weeks away!!

While I am super excited to see what God has in store for me down in Nica and how I can use my talents to serve Him and the community, I have to admit I am getting a bit anxious for the unknown! Possibly my medical board exam 1.5 weeks away is adding to that anxiety.

Update – First Shopping Trip for supplies!13781672_665609026911659_807634541872351840_n

Alright people we are less than 2 weeks away from when I take off for Nicaragua. I am also 1 week away from my medical board exam (Yikes)! Today I went shopping for bug spray and started putting together a small medical kit. I have more items to pick up, but I am trying to do a little bit at a time.

I am almost halfway to my goal of fundraising and for that I thank you all. Please continue to share with others to help support my mission and support those in need in Leon! Thanks again 🙂

Update – Face-to-Face with the Missionaries in Nica!

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to speak and ‘meet’ the missionaries in Nicaragua with Christ for the City International. During our 1 hour conversation over Skype, although my Spanish skills were lacking, I could not help to realize how grateful they were for me to come serve and how much they are accepting me into their community.

The conversation encouraged me and helped me to remember why I am doing all of this, to serve Him and to help others. And this does not just apply to my mission, but to my career as a doctor as a whole.

While I am anxious to see what it is like there and I know it will be challenging and push me at times, I have never felt more called or excited for an opportunity in my life. I truly feel that God has called me there for a purpose and I will trust in Him to show me the way.

Thankful to all the support thus far. 9 days away until I leave and only 5 days away until my board exam!

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