Why I marched?

I do not like to get political on here, because I want to be inclusive and accessible to all people. That being said, I was a part of the women’s march yesterday with my mother and I wanted to share my experience via a photo collection. I marched for myself, my mother, my family and friends, my future patients and clients, the athletes I coach, women who could not march themselves, and all men who have women in their lives in some way (which is all men). Portland had a crowd of approximately 100,000 people and it was so motivating to see so many different backgrounds, personal stories and reasons behind their choice to march. I hope through my photos you too can join a group or get involved in some cause/political action/etc., because the only way to ensure change in a way that you would like to see is to get involved yourself.


Getting ready to march with momma

We made all our signs!


And then got our picture taken multiple times


The march was bigger than any of us imagined! Photo credit: Edwin Vega


Photo credit: Carla Janelle


At the end of the day we went home and found out we were on the news.

However you march or get involved, DO IT NOW! There is no time to wait. If I can take time away from medical school, you can too! 


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