Nicaragua Medical Mission – Photo Journal

Technology sometimes does not go your way and that is what has happened in the case of part 5 of my series on healthcare… my computer crashed and part of it was lost. I am working on recovering it so I can post part 5 to the series as one complete post instead of pieces. In lieu of part 5, I have put together a photo ‘journal’ of some memories outside of the clinic from my time in Nicaragua.



Volcanos galore from the plane


Coming in for a landing soon


The homes in the neighborhood were fumigated due to reported cases of Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue fever. This is a common thing done by the government to try to prevent these mosquito borne diseases. 


Controversial lighted trees in Managua. They are beautiful, but according to my hosts each one cost $20,000 to install.


Transportation to and from the clinic… I don’t think I have ever felt this unsafe. I would compare it to the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland without seat belts, while standing, and faster…


Beautiful church that was partially destroyed during the last severe earthquake in Managua accompanied by a friend I made


Host family’s living room. Their house was beautiful and was home to multiple family members, a common thing in Nicaragua.


Arrived back at home after a long day of flying. Thankful to be back and for the experiences I had while there.


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