Nicaragua medical mission – Dias uno

My updates are going to be brief, because I don’t always have Internet service, but I wanted to let you all know that I am officially in Nicaragua. The 7 hours of flying and sitting was no fun, but I got some beautiful pictures of the scenery below. 

When I arrived to the airport I followed the line towards customs with a mix of tourists and locals returning home. I made it through and even exchanged money with my limited Spanish. I then must have looked confused, because an employee grabbed my bag and started taking off so obviously I followed. After five minutes of confusion and airports I was being received by two missionaries who were possibly the most friendly and kind people I have ever met as well as (luckily for me) another student who speaks English. 

First we went to get dinner at a Nicaraguan fast food joint that’s called Tip Top, which reminded me of KFC with a Nicaraguan flare. Then we were off to see more of the city, stopping down town to see lake Managua and these lighted trees, which are all over town (and have some back story to them). One cotton candy later we were headed to get ice cream! Food is love, so I appreciated it, but my stomach and mind is missing my kale salad from the veggie grill! 

Lastly we arrived at my final destination for the night, a local home in Managua, where I will be staying for two days. I hadn’t noticed the humidity or heat until I arrived at this house. As I was exhausted and my Spanish skills were utilized to their entirety yesterday, I called it a night ‘early’ around 11 pm and slowly fell asleep.

Who knows what today will bring, but I know I will be traveling to Leon tomorrow to meet the doctors I am working with and their clinic! I cannot wait! 🙂 


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