Clinical Board Exam – Pass

I have been slightly M.I.A. from here lately due to preparing for exams and coaching my high school track team, but I had to take a break from all that to share with you lovelies my good news…


I passed my clinical entrance exam!


Me with my lovely momma who has been my #1 fan since forever!

What does this mean? It means that I get to enter into clinic as a secondary (lowest doctor on the totem pole) this Fall 2016! Once I know my specific shift dates/times I will update. Either way it is another step to actually doing what I love, practicing medicine and helping others achieve their best state of health.

Thanks for all your support! New content and announcements and more is coming soon… stay tuned 🙂


Please have more enthusiasm than I did in this picture… but seriously after taking pictures for 10 minutes on a random street it’s understandable