Core Challenge

This is going to be short and sweet because I am writing this while on a break from my shift in the emergency department.

The challenge for this month is along the lines of one of my track and field core workouts that I give my athletes to do! Let’s get those abs working people…

January 2016 core workout

Do 20 reps of the following exercises. Start with 1 set 3 times and work up to 3 sets 3+ times a week!

  • Regular crunches
  • Straight leg crunches (legs straight up towards the sky, reach up and try to touch your toes)
  • V-ups (lay on the ground with arms by your head, bring your arms to your toes by lifting your upper body and legs up at the same time, a.k.a. Make a V)
  • Side crunches (right and left)

By doing this once you will do 100 reps of core exercises. If you do 3, that is 300 reps! Core on my friends!

My name is Emma Petshow and I am a 3rd year naturopathic medical student at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. For more about myself, check out my bio. This blog is intended for information about preventive health and lifestyle improvement. The information contained on this blog is not to be used as medical advice. For specific medical advice you should consult your physician.

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