What’s Fresh – November

“Buy and cook what is in season”, that’s what we are always told right? Besides just being trendy, the mantra is actually true! If you purchase and consume in season produce you will not only get the most fresh and tasty food and help the environment, but you will also save some serious $$$. Here is a guide to what is fresh in the fruit and vegetable world this month for local NW produce!

Be mindful that this list pertains mainly to NW residents. If you are from or living in a different location, click on the links below to create a list that pertains more to you!

Fresh fruits for November!

Fresh fruits for November!

Fresh veggies for November!

Fresh veggies for November!

Later on this month, stay tuned for a recipe that uses What’s Fresh produce for its ingredients. If you want ideas for how to incorporate certain foods here into your diet let me know by leaving a comment!

Poll Winner from October!

You voted and APPLES was the most popular fruit from October! One of my favorite ways to use apples as a “sugar free” treat is to make cinnamon apples. There are many ways to make these, but you do not have to bake or be a fancy chef to make this quick sweet treat!

  • Cut up a green granny smith apple (or your favorite type if you want something sweeter) into slices or cubes
  • Place the apples into a microwavable safe bowl add cinnamon to your liking and microwave away x 30 seconds – 1 minute; Stir at least 1 time


  • Place the apples into a sauce pan/frying pan with a SMALL amount of olive oil and turn on low heat, after apples have heated up for a bit, add the amount of cinnamon to your liking and stir. Leave on the stove top until apples are cooked all the way through and the cinnamon has coated them all
  • Eat and enjoy! You could also use this as a base for apple pie filling and it contains no added sugar! If you use a granny smith apple, this dessert is sugar cleanse approved.


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