It’s Midterms Week!

Hey everyone!

It’s midterms week for me coming up so I will be taking a hiatus from posting my usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday fun to maintain my sanity and personal health/wellness!

I will post updates and some tips on studying, test anxiety, and the like throughout the week though so you will not be completely without me and I will resume my normal posting schedule on Sunday, October 25!


Make a study schedule! 

When you have a lot going on inside and outside of school it can be hard to get everything done and just remember what everything is. I suggest making a study schedule according to priority.

For example, I have an exam everyday this week. So my study schedule has the things I need to study listed in order of what needs to get done first, second, third etc.

Also, make sure you have specific things you need to study on your schedule, do not make it too generic. You will forget/miss things and get overwhelmed.

I have to study for psychiatric diagnosis this week, but instead of putting “study psych” on my schedule, I broke it down by week.

Lastly, make your schedule doable! There will never be enough time to study everything! Make sure that your study schedule is something that you can complete and check off or cross off. You have no idea how good it feels to cross off items on a study sheet!

More study tips to come this week! Remember to stay calm, breath, and know that you will make it through! Happy studies!

Not in school…. this can be applied to accomplishing tasks at work, home, etc!
Study clothing crisis... daily struggles!

Study clothing crisis… daily struggles!

My name is Emma Petshow and I am a 3rd year naturopathic medical student at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. For more about myself, check out my bio. This blog is intended for information about preventive health and lifestyle improvement. The information contained on this blog is not to be used as medical advice. For specific medical advice you should consult your physician.

One thought on “It’s Midterms Week!

  1. Midterms update! I have completed all but 1 midterm, which is on Monday. I am feeling great and have taken a weekend of self care and fun to decompress. I will be back on Monday with some uses of Rosemary (October’s herb of the month)!

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